Making Community

The WordPress community is a complex thing. It has many features that make it unique, yet make it unappetizing. When the structure of something is sooo big, it’s very difficult to get into it and feel comfortable.

Local communities of WordPress from Barcelona and Sevilla have arranged together and have tried to solve the most common problems that a volunteer finds when he wants to work with WordPress, or ask for help, in the WordPress Community.

WordPress is en_US

Yes. WordPress is in English. WordPress Community, spreaded among the world, use English as a common language to understand each other. That, in Spain, is a problem for many.

For year we have been working to have WordPress entirely in Spanish, and we have also launched the official forums in Spanish. A volunteer job with many participants.

There is also a WordPress Slack for volunteers worldwide, and several P2 for work. But they are global, and that leads to the next problem:

Local communities do not have a place to meet.

And we see four main problems:

  • WordPress in Spanish, as a section or local community of WordPress, has no proper place beyond, which is just a site for translations and has no P2 or communication tool for users
  • There are several local WordPress communities in Spain making events (WordCamps and Meetups) that are not in contact with each other, losing the benefit that this contact would be
  • Translation teams do not have a space to meet and organize, and to ask for help or support when in doubt. Or to organize when a new version of WordPress is going to be released
  • The forums teams don’t have a place to solve doubts internally, or to decide what to do with bozo users, or how to answer specific questions. Such place exists for the general (en) forums.

People still do not know what the WordPress Community is

Although it has been discussed in several Wordcamps and Meetups all over Spain, many people still don’t know or have not interiorized the philosophy of the WordPress Community. A Community where:

  • Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, social position…
  • All events are organized entirely by volunteers
  • All events are nonprofit
  • All the world is invited to actively participate and benefit from the work of others

The problem that we find here is that all the documentation, as much of the WordPress documentation, is in English.

Spanish WordPress Community is growing, and we need a place to organize ourselves. That’s why we have created a series of tools for the local Community, where we can meet, talk, organize, and help among us.

The proposed solution

Internal Communication: Slack

slackSlack is a tool to create channels of discussion. You can use slack in all platforms (mobile, pc, mac…), and is very easy to use.

We have created a general Slack, where we all can gather, and we have created channels for each of the fields we are working in. There are specific channels for all volunteer teams and for general WordPress users, where we include:

  • Translators
  • Developers
  • Commits to WordPress core
  • WordPress Documentation
  • Forums
  • Events: Meetups and WordCamps
  • Designers and theme review
  • Accessibility
  • General Support

External communication:

We have also created a website to have an updated list of all events of our WordPress Community and a calendar to know when is happening what, and even organize to go the events together.

The event area is still in development. The provisional area is here, and you can add your event by dropping us a line.

Setting the scene: the WordPress Manifesto

WordPress Community, by definition, is open, honest, and transparent.

Honoring that, we are building the WordPress Manifesto. A manifesto setting out the existing rules and standards for volunteers, events, official Meetups and WordCamps, in Spanish. No more doubts about translations or where to find what.

The next step

The next step is you.

  • If you like WordPress
  • If you like what you do
  • If you think you have something to share
  • If you think you have much to learn
  • If you want to organize a WordPress event
  • If you want to find out what is happening in the ecosystem of WordPress Spain

just stop by our page and ask for your access to the Slack of WordPress España (it is implied that you accept the rules for general WordPress volunteers and WordPress events described here and here).


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